Here you can find the essays I've written for various news outlets and online magazines, and links to my radio and TV appearances. Regardless of political views, I'm happy to engage with anyone with a sincere interest in productively furthering any of these discussions.  

If you're a student, you have my word that, while I'm a political being, like you, with ideas and values and issues I care about, I will always do my best to rigorously support intellectual diversity in the classroom and on campus. I will always treat you with the fairness and respect you deserve, regardless of your political orientation.         

Essays in Popular Media

63) Centering the Humanities, Inside Higher Education

62) We Don’t Need a Scapegoat to Talk About Values in Higher Education, Academe

61) The University is a Ticking Time Bomb (on adjunctification), The Chronicle of Higher Education Review

60) What Does the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ Know About the Enlightenment?, Everyday Analysis

59) Colleges Say More Teaching is Better. They’re Wrong, The Chronicle of Higher Education Review

58) 4 Academic Fashion Tips You Should Know, Stylish Academic

57) How Blind Reverence for Science Obscures Real Problems, The Washington Post

56) Finding Genres of Revolution in the Classroom, Age of Revolutions

55) Lies About the Humanities, The Chronicle of Higher Education Review

54) Postmodernism Didn't Cause Trump. It Explains Him, The Washington Post

53) Steven Pinker's Enlightenment Now, Vox

52) Nick Isgro Doesn't Get to Pick Who His Constituents Are. He Represents Immigrants Too, Bangor Daily News

51) Are Liberal College Students Creating a Free Speech Crisis? Not According to Data, NBC News (Think)

50) Political Correctness has Run Amok On the Right, The Chronicle of Higher Education Review

49) Why Not Social Reading?, Ploughshares Blog

48) The Decline of Debate on College Campuses, The New Republic

47) The Use of Dubious Science to Defend Racism is as Old as the Founding Fathers, NBC News (Think)

46) Mary Chudleigh and Roy Moore, Ploughshares Blog

45) The Problem with "Taking Offense," Academe

44) When Scientists Study Novels, Ploughshares Blog

43) What Stunts Like Milo Yiannopoulos' "Free Speech Week" Cost, The New York Times

42) The Self-Made Heir, Ploughshares Blog

41) Offense of the Humanities, The Los Angeles Review of Books Blog

40) Trump, Transphobia, and the Lessons of The Argonauts, Ploughshares Blog

39) Spying on the Rich in Crazy Rich Asians and Moll Flanders, Ploughshares Blog

38) How the Right Stifles Speech with Threats and Violence, The New Republic

37) Why Colleges Have the Right to Reject Hateful Speakers, The New Republic

36) The Myth of the "Marketplace of Ideas" On Campus, The New Republic

35) Advice for My Conservative Students, The New York Times

34) Oh, Sancho: The Ongoing Ride of Don Quixote in American Politics, The Los Angeles Review of Books

33) The Myth of the Liberal "Echo Chamber" on Campus, The New Republic 

32) How to Fix Our Toxic Debate About Political Correctness On Campus, The New Republic

31) Are PhD Students Irrational?, The Los Angeles Review of Books

30) I'm Not a Student, I Just Look Like One, The Chronicle of Higher Education

29) The 'Free Speech' Charade, The New Republic

28) The Republican Establishment's Donald Trump Delusions, Salon

27) What the "P.C." Left is Doing Wrong in Language Debates, The New Republic

26) Trump's Jackbooted Thugs Against Political Correctness, Salon

25) The big millennial P.C. Lie and the Myth of Campus Intolerance, Salon

24) How the Microscope Redefined the Fact, The Atlantic

23) College Students Aren't 'Cuddly Bunnies,' The New Republic

22) Paul Ryan, Gun Control, and the Politics of Self-Interest, Salon

21) Oberlin's Food Isn't 'Cultural Appropriation.' That Doesn't Mean The Students are Wrong, The New Republic

20) Who Needs the Constitution Anyway? Trump Sets the First Amendment on Fire, Salon

19) America's Real-Life Dystopia: Wal-Mart, Orwell, Huxley, Salon

18) Ben Carson Wants a Safe Space, Salon

17) They're the Politically Correct: Carson and O'Reilly are the Real Intolerant Speech Police, Salon

16) Cucks, Wimps, and Feminazis, Salon

15) 'Morons,' 'Dumb,' 'Idiots': Shkreli and Trump Deserve Each Other, Salon

14) Note to 'A Socialist at Liberty U,' The Atlantic

13) The New Right Wing College Lie, Salon and Alternet

12) The Trigger Warning Myth, The New Republic

11) Fact-checking Bill O'Reilly, Salon and Alternet

10) The Right's Terrified to Talk About Race, Salon

9) Bigoted Caitlyn Jenner Coverage Says It All About Today's Hypocritical Right, Salon and MSN

8) My Students Need Trigger Warnings; Professors Do Too, The New Republic

7) Scott Walker's Destructive War on Education, Salon

6) Racism's Sinister Word Games, and HuffingtonPost

5) Jon Stewart's Brilliant Obscenity, Salon

4) Hey College Kids, Major in John Oliver and Neil deGrasse Tyson (a defense of humanities), Salon

3) Millennials aren't Apathetic; Their Vote is Suppressed, Salon

2) This Has Always Been America, Salon

1) How Whites Can Talk Privilege, Salon

TV, Radio, and Public Events

11) Vet the Technique, Tatter Podcast (audio)

10) Science and Fiction, Jedi Counsel Podcast (audio)

9) Do Campuses Need More Conservative Speakers, or Better Ones?, NPR/Wisconsin Public Radio's "Central Time" (audio)

8) Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News (video)

7) 1600 Penn, podcast of UPenn's The Daily Pennsylvanian, with Ariel Goldfine (no link)

6) The Agenda with Ari Rabin-Havt, XM Radio (no link)

5) The Michael Smerconish Program, XM Radio (no link)

4) Fight From the Right for Free Speech On Campus, WVTF IQ Radio (audio and transcript) 

3) A Look at the Current Debate over Free Speech on College Campuses (Panel, University of Chicago Institute of Politics) (video)

2) The Infantilization of the American Undergraduate (TV segment, HuffPost Live) (video)

1) Rants, Punchlines, and Trust in the Media (radio episode, NPR and KCRW's "To the Point") (audio)